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3 ingredient cranberry sauce

Every Thanksgiving, I look forward to the cranberry sauce - and I'm not talking about the big blob that comes in a can! When planning my holiday meal, I always make sure to incorporate something bright and fresh to break up all of the delicious (but rich) food!

Insert my THREE ingredient mandarin cranberry sauce. It only takes 10 minutes to make and you don’t have to use any precious oven or stove space! No chopping or dirty dishes required. Plus, this recipe can be made a few days in advance, cutting down your cooking on the actual holiday. (Can I get an amen?!)


4 whole Peelz mandarins (skin on & all, just be sure to wash first! Peelz are the perfect healthy addition to any holiday plate. They're naturally sweet, juicy, and seedless!) 1 bag fresh cranberries 1 cup 100% pure cane sugar

Step 1:

Combine in a food processor: 4 whole Peelz mandarins, 1 bag cranberries, and 1 cup cane sugar. (If you want this sauce sweeter, I suggest peeling one mandarin instead of adding more sugar. Honestly, the bit of tartness in this dish really helps balance out the rest of holiday meal!)

This will take about 5 minutes in the food processor to properly combine.

Step 2:

Layer your cranberry sauce into a beautiful bowl and serve! I suggest about 2 tablespoons per person. This dish will make your turkey come to life & is SO much better for you than what comes in a can! (Say goodbye to ingredients you can’t pronounce!) My mom made a version of this growing up and to me, this is what the holidays taste like! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Health benefits:

Cranberries do wonders for your digestion. They're the perfect ingredient to eat on Thanksgiving because they help your body break down the heavy meal. They're also loaded with antioxidants and fiber, and even increase blood flow to your skin, making your face glow! Mandarins are filled with vitamin C. They're a powerhouse for your immune system, and also contain TONS of antioxidants! These fruits are exactly what you should be eating during the winter months (AKA flu season!) So, when you're spooning this onto your plate, know you're doing wonders for your body! Enjoy!

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