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Pomegranate and lime "mocktail"

After a month of delicious and festive holiday cocktails, I like to give my body a break from bubbly champagne (among other drinks) in the month of January. Let me be clear, New Year's resolutions can often feel daunting. There is a lot of pressure to be "perfect" and 100% on track all of the time! For me, that thought process makes my goals feel unattainable... and instead, I simply try to get back to the basics of happy, healthy, wholesome living. From incorporating real nutrient dense foods, to moving my body... checking off those simple steps helps me feel successful in my health journey.

For those you doing Dry January, or cutting back on the booze like myself, I've created a delicious (and nutritious) mocktail to make your evenings still feel special and fun!


3/4 cup ice⁣

2 oz pomegranate juice ⁣

8 oz club soda or sparkling water ⁣

8 - 10 dashes bitters (to taste)⁣

juice of 1 freshly squeezed lime ⁣

2 tablespoons pomegranate seeds⁣

1 sprig fresh rosemary ⁣

Stir all of the ingredients together, plop in a spring of fresh rosemary, sip, and enjoy!

Health benefits:

The pomegranate in this recipe packs TONS of antioxidants and boosts blood flow to the skin, making your complexion glow! The lime helps detoxify your body, and supports healthy collagen production. This drink is also hydrating, and low in sugar! Enjoy this mocktail tonight, knowing you're taking care of your body and fueling it with ingredients that are good for you! Cheers, friends!

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23 août 2021

Thanks great post

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